Indian restaurant in Kyiv

New bombay palace

Booking tables: +38 044 285-99 99, 285-87 08, (093) 576-60 69

Indian culture - is one of the richest in the world, due to that ancient traditions are honored till today. So at once and not to estimate all cultural riches of this country, however it is possible to be dipped in the enigmatic world of Indian traditions, visiting the restaurant of the Indian kitchen of New Bombay palace.

Exactly here you will be able to a full degree to feel all taste of India, try the refined traditional dishes, and also to estimate riches and refinement of the interior executed in a national colour.

You to a full degree will be able to enjoy the dishes of the Indian people, which was inspiredly prepared by our head-cook. Traditional spices giving the special sharpness and piquancy to the dishes are used in preparation of every dish, and also only fresh foods of exceptional quality.

It is separately desirable to say, that a process of preparation of food is in India, and also her reception is a not simply vital necessity, it is the family ritual which is called in an order to give pleasure, and during a meal must be weakened and enjoy not only corporal shell, but also spirit.

All dishes prepared by the Indian cook are food, which prepares and given with love, inspiration, as every eating must give life-breaths and fill with a body energy.

In the menu of our restaurant you will find a lot of delicious Indian dishes in different variations of preparation as we wish to please every our visitor.

3D panoramas of restaurant New bombay palace in Kyiv: