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Khotyn has a rich history. It has always attracted the interest of the conquerors because of its favorable location. In connection with this, on the territory of the town the construction of a large stone building was begun, that was included to the whole system of border fortresses of Ukraine.
Khotyn is the ancient city that possesses cultural and historical heritage. It is noteworthy that in 2002, the city celebrated quite a big anniversary - 1000 years. Our website gives you the opportunity to make a virtual tour through the city with the help of 3D panoramas. You will be able to inspect the area, as well as to choose a place where you can have a comfortable rest and a good meal.
With regard to the origin of the name of the city, most likely, the "Khotyn" is a homogeneous word with Ukrainian verb "to want" – "хотіти". And it is not surprising, because the city has always a great interest for different settlers in all historical periods. Khotyn is the city of a richness and beauty, and everyone wanted to live in these places, and some even wanted to capture it and to possess the city. The intersection of trade routes, on which Khotyn is located, also was the desire to possess the city.
The main sights of the city are the ancient chapel, the Prince's Palace and Khotyn Fortress that is the famous outside of Ukraine. The Khotyn Fortress attracts the attention of the Ukrainian and foreign tourists. In its time Khotyn Fortress not once took the blows of the Turkish invaders. The walls of the fortress will keep the extraordinary heroism of the freedom-loving Ukrainian people.
Khotyn Fortress is a real cultural heritage of not only the town, but all of Ukraine. Here, on the territory of the historical memorial, were shooting of such films, as " Ballade about gallant knight Ivanhoe", "Arrows of Robin Hood", "Zakhar Berkutand" many others.
Annually in Khotyn take place various historical and cultural festivals.
Now Khotyn is a modern town, the citizens of which do not forget about its heroic past. Guests in Khotyn are always welcome; the hotels hospitably open their doors to the visitors, so you can find a room to suit every taste and purse. Also cafes and restaurants wait for the, where you’ll be offered with unusually delicious dishes of Ukrainian national cuisine and specialties of other nations. 3D panoramas of the institutions will help you to get acquainted with all the places you need.

  An old Khotyn fortress is an author of photo : Alexander Dydyk