360° spherical Panorama Simferopol, Simferopol 3D panoramas

Simferopol monument to the defenders and liberators of the Crimea

Simferopol. Lenin Square

The main square of Simferopol

 Simferopol circus

Simferopol street view of Karl Marx

Simferopol Christmas Tree 2012

Simferopol Monument AS Pushkin

Parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Spherical Panorama

 Every year hundreds and even thousands of tourists and vacationers traveling to the peninsula of Crimea in order to come to Simferopol.
It’s all bcause Simferopol is the gate of Crimea, there is a great traffic intersection and large railway station here, international airport, bus station. But Simferopol is fo famous not just because of this.
This ancient city has a rich, interesting and complicated history. The official date of birth of Simferopol is considered to be in 1784, although many historians argue that the age of the capital of Crimea is much more deferential, and it should be counted from the time of formation of the ancient city of the Scythian Neapolis.
Nowadays there are four higher educational establishments here in Simferopol, and the’re well known outside of Ukraine. This is the Crimean Georgievsky Medical University, Tauric Vernadsky National University, Crimean Academy of Nature Protection and Resort Development and the Agricultural Academy.
Also here in Simferopol, there are three national theaters - Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar.
As for the circus, the Simferopol State Tezikov Circus with the hall deputed for 1500 seats.
Also the city is famous for Simferopol puppet theatre because it is a multiple winner of international festivals. Here in Sevastopol, are a lot of museums, such as Crimean regional museum, ethnographic museum, Central Museum of Tauris, Simferopol Art Museum, the Museum of the Crimean Tatar art, museum of chocolate and others.
Wonder where to have a rest in Simferopol? It’s the question asked by many tourists for the first time they came in the city. It is not surprising because is sometimes difficult to choose among the loads of parks, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, theaters, cinemas, 3D cinema, circus and many other institutions – each of them has many interesting and attractive offers