Striy is located in Lviv region and it is an administrative centre of Striy district. This is the city situated at the intersection of the most important ways to the Carpathian and sub-Carpathian. In addition, a railway station in Stryi is a hub for the West Ukrainian region.
Striy is located on the border of the three regions of Ukraine - Lviv, Zakarpattya and Ivano-Frankivsk, and leaving the city at any direction you can get practically to any place of the Carpathian region. However, not only this distinguishes Striy, also this city has its own interesting history, it is beautiful and picturesque.
The name of the ancient city has received from the river Striy, on the right bank of which it was built. The population of the old Striy at those days consisted of tribes of the Eastern Slavs, and in particular of white Croats.
Striy attracts tourists from all parts of Ukraine, and it is not surprising, because the city has a rich history, as well itself it is very beautiful - here you can find beautiful old streets, as well as the picturesque nature. In addition, there are interesting thing to see and to know about.
In 1425 in Stryi there was constructed a Roman-Catholic Church of the Holy Virgin Mary - building in the Gothic style with the astronomical clock. Of particular interest is also Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral (XVIII). Earlier this Cathedral belonged to the Franciscans. Today the Cathedral has a unique carved iconostasis, made by Dyadynyuk of cedar wood.
There are in Stryi Museum called «Verhovyna», thef of which contains more than 26 000 items, the most valuable of which are the samples of embroidery, medals and coins, rare books, antique editions, people's clothes, as well as eggs and icons. It is worth visiting the Museum of Olga Bachinska, where are the samples of her embroidery, her private objects, parts of the collections of national clothes, as well as various family archive recordings, photos and documents.
On 19 June 2005 in Striy on the territory of the former prison (1898-1963) there was erected a memorial complex «To Fighters for freedom of Ukraine». The exhibition in this complex dedicated to the memory of people who were sentenced and tortured in custody.
Of particular interest is opened on 5 June 20005 year, the Museum of Peter Obal. In the Museum exposition were included the works of the artist, kept by his daughter. The heart of the Museum has become a picture of 1936 - «Madonna».