Sights in Vinnitsa

Vinnitsa is the largest city of Podolsk region and also both the regional and the town center. Vinnitsa is a major industrial center; however, a significant role is played also and cultural life of the city. In addition to plants and factories in Vinnitsa there are a lot of universities that educate students from all over Ukraine. There is a plenty of hotels and restaurants of different categories, where you can comfortably stay and rest.
The history of Vinnitsa begins in 1363 with the founding of a wooden fortress on a high hill of the river Southern Bug, which was created by the nephew of the Lithuanian Prince Olgerd Fedor Koryatovych. The fortress existed in this location until the middle of the XVI century, after which it was moved to the island of Kempa (Festivalny now). After that was built a new wooden castle, burned in 1580 by the Tatars. The history of Vinnitsa is full of various events, for many centuries the territory of settlement increased, the town was growing, and different people were living here.
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In 1616 in Vinnitsa was founded monastery of the Transfiguration Orthodox Church, which still remains one of the most famous sights of the city. In 1746 the city was built a temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Angels, also known as the Church of the Virgin Mary. This magnificent building in the style of Tuscan Baroque originally belonged to the Capuchins, later it was reserved for the Royal barracks, and today it belongs to the Catholic community.
Also worth noting is that in Vinnitsa there are many monuments of prominent persons of the city, there are a lot of museums, among which it is necessary to mention separately art museum and museum of local history. In addition, there in Vinnitsa exists the unique Museum-estate of the outstanding scientist and surgeon N.I. Pirogov, and close to museum in the church lies embalmed body of genius doctor.
In Vinnitsa there are also many other attractions. In 2010, the city received a monument to Pope John Paul II. The real visit card of Vinnitsa is the water tower, adorned with clock, what since 1993 holds a Museum of memory of the soldiers in Afghanistan. And on the bank of the Southern Bug River there was built amazing light-and-music fountain, the only one in Ukraine, able to create splendid show with a combination of music, water and light.
Vinnitsa is a beautiful and amazing city, and you can visit it virtually, by viewing 3D panoramas on our website.