Pirogov Museum in Vinnytsya. Virtual museum

 In 1947, on the 9th of September, in the manor of Vyshnya, in Vinnitsa, there was opened the Museum-estate of the outstanding scientist Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov. Pirogov is known not only for its scientific activity, but he was also a pathologist, surgeon, he was engaged in military field surgery, worked as a teacher and founded the Russian Society of the Red Cross.


Pirogov was the physician who first used anesthetic during surgery, who became the author of the plaster cast, and attracted the nurses for military medicine.
The Museum of Pirogov in Vinnitsa is primarily a building constructed in 1861-1866 years based on the project of Pirogov, as well as a pharmacy and memorial manor, the area of which takes 20 hectares (including the park). In 1885 by the project of famous architect of the capital of academician Sychugov the complex of the Museum received the church-necropolis. The crypt of the church was consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas, and there rests embalmed body of the scientist. Museum complex with such unique structure is the only one in Ukraine.
The Museum exhibition is located in ten halls, as well as the gallery of the main building. Also the part of the exposition is located in six rooms and pharmacy. Visiting the museum of Pirogov in Vinnitsa, you will get acquainted with the way of life of the scientist, you will see the degree of his scientific and medical activities, and you can assess his contribution to pedagogy and social life. The exhibits have more than 16.5 thousand of items in the personal belongings of the scientist, his essays, specialized literature, manuscripts and printed material, as well as surgical instruments, and more - even paintings and sculptures are here.
In the pharmacy at the museum-manor of N.I. Pirogov are lot of pharmacy accessories that belong to the second half of the XIX century. There are also drugs used by a brilliant surgeon in his practice, tools, copies of prescriptions by Nikolai Ivanovich and recipes, pharmacological textbooks, old scales.
Talented Kyiv sculptor S.Brytan created sculpted figures of Pirogov, of local villager, tradesman, the medical assistant, pharmacist and even a priest. And next to the drug store on the plot of land you can see herbs which have been used for manufacturing of medicines by Pirogov. You can also visit the outstanding scientist in the church of museum complex – here lies embalmed body of Pirogov that is available to the public visitors.