Monument to Ivan Bevz

In Vinnitsa on Sobornaya street (the former Lenin street) there is a monument to Ivan Vasilyevich Bevz, who was an activist of the Ukrainian partisan movement in the great Patriotic war. Everyone can easy find this monument, as it is located near the regional court, right in the center of Vinnitsa.
Monument to Ivan Bevz is a bust of the leader, mounted on four-sided pillar. Ivan Bevz was taking an active part in Ukrainian partisanship during the years of the Great Patriotic war. Bevz was the head of the Vinnitsa city partisan organization. In 1965 he was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
Bevz joined the Red Army in. In the city of Zhmerynka he was working from 1927 to 1929. After that Bevz worked for the party in Vinnitsa, as well as in Mogilev-Podolsky. It is worth noting that Ivan Vasilyevich was elected for the municipal party Committee as a member and the Deputy of the city Council. It is also worth noting that up to the beginning of the great Patriotic war Bevz was working in Vinnitsa drama theater as a director, after which he became the director of the city library.
In addition to this monument here in Vinnitsa is a memorial plaque, which is located on the house, where was the headquarters of the Vinnitsa underground Communist organization under the leadership of Bevz.
Also in Vinnitsa there is a street, which was named in honor of this activist and a partisan. The memorable sign in honor of the partisans and underground members of Vinnitsa has the name of Bevz engraved on it.