Iron Saxophonist

 Among of the attractions of Vinnitsa there is a unique sculpture made of metal. It is a monument to Saxophonist, which was installed on the Theatre square in Vinnitsa. Iron Saxophonist, as it is called by the citizens and guests of Vinnitsa, appeared in Vinnitsa on May 29, 2012.
The creator of the Iron Saxophonist is talented citizen of Vinnitsa Vyacheslav Pasternak, the skillful artist on metal. Monument to the Saxophonist is made of steel and created in the framework of the project «Help for talented people».

Saxophonist is made of steel sheets and has a pretty funny look - it is similar to the Tin Woodman of Oz, from the tale by Alexander Volkov. The steel musician wears funny shoes and a hat, and he plays the saxophone, also made of steel. Of course, such figure is very attractive for the tourists. People like to take some photos near the Iron Saxophonist.
Iron Saxophonist is a mobile construction, because from the beginning of its creation it was implied to travel over the center of the city. In places where it was installed, activists collected money for repair of artistic club, where the talented youth would be able to realize themselves in the creative plan and to create interesting ideas.
The author of the Iron Saxophonist Vyacheslav Pasternak also created monuments to the Poet and Violinist in 2011 for his own money.