Monument to seaman’s wife in Odessa

 On the territory of the sea terminal of Odessa in 2002, there is a monument created by sculptor Alexander Tokarev. It is the modest memorial, dedicated to the faithful wives of seafarers and their children who accompanied their husbands and fathers to Sevastopol in the autumn of 1941. The faithful wife watched the ships of the Black sea fleet and waited for the return of the fleet of «Glory» and «Soviet Ukraine», the tanker «Tuapse» and «Nakhimov».
Monument to seaman’s wife in Odessa is a real symbol of the city. The wife of a sailor with a child in her hands watches and meets every ship entering or leaving the port of Odessa. Tourists, who arrive in Odessa, happily wave to the bronze sculpture by the hand as the sigh to come back here again.
«The seaman’s wife» is made of bronze and looks like a graceful beautiful woman with a baby, which stands on the balcony and looks far away to the sea, waiting for the return of the ship with her husband-sailor. Surprisingly, how accurately the master was able to convey emotions and mood of faithful wife in the details.
According to the author of the sculpture of Alexander Tokarev, the idea of the monument was clear, and it was necessarily to place it near the sea. It was necessary to create a sense of expectation, which is transmitted to us from the woman and her baby. It is seen that the child looks forward the sea, the ships, and his father he misses. In general, the sculpture looks incredibly realistic and very vividly due to the atmosphere of the berth, becoming its integral part.
It is known that the model for the creation of the sculpture «the sailor’s wife» was a real ballet dancer. Perhaps, that’s why the «faithful wife of a sailor» is so graceful, elegant and refined. The faithful wife is very much loved here in Odessa, people love to take photos near the monument, enjoy views of the sea and think about something else. Adult generation perceives the sculpture as a memorial to the wives and children of military seamen, and young people think that it’s a symbol of family values, fidelity and humanity.