Assumption Church in Zbarazh (formerly Trinitarsky church-monastery)

 The Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - a former church-Trinitarsky monastery built in 1755-58 years. was built in Zbarazh Trinitarsky church-monastery. As you know, Trinitarsky monastic order was founded by hermits Jean de Matha and Phoenix Valois, who was a wonderful vision, an angel appeared before him dressed in white with a red cross on both sides of which there were two slaves in chains - one Christian, the second - a heathen. After seeing the monk received addressed to Pope Innocent the third, who supported the idea of ​​Jean de Matha, consisting in the toi, to redeem Christian captives from the Muslim captivity. In 1199 was founded goduofitsialno Trinitarsky award, named in honor of the Holy Trinity.
Trinitarian Order was widely raspostranen in Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries. It is not easy to monks were given their mission, many Christians were killed in an attempt to release from captivity brothers in faith. Trinitarsky monasteries were also in Lvov, Kamenets-Podolsky, Teofipopi, Brailov and other cities.
Subsequently, the Trinitarian Order ceased operations in Zbarazh and the temple moved to the Ukrainian community. In the beginning. XX century. on the church gate was postroenakolokolnya. During Soviet times, is housed museum. In the nineties was carried out restoration of the cathedral.